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so your advice is to allow people to build any old shite then put a load of trees in front of it.

There’s no sense in that obviously.
I simply believe that people have the right to adopt non-traditional forms of architecture for their own houses.
Of course general criteria of good taste would always apply – to any type of house.
I just do not see why one ought have to finish one’s home in some parts of Ireland in either plaster or native stone.
Or why roofs ought be slate or flat tile.
Or why some planners are well-disposed towards house plans submitted with bargings, etc.
And quite a few decisions on country house applications have been very hard on the their proposers.
This view of mine is not so uncommon.
Why you, Wearnicehats, choose to take an extreme interpretation of it, I can’t understand.

But that’s all off the main point that I made, i.e. on people with an architectural background (and, obviously Ctsiphon, appropriate secondary training in planning) seeking positions as planners.
I don’t really get your point on being trained to see other points of view.
Most professions teach this – but it’s finally up to the individual concerned to make himself/herself apply this. No profession has a monopoly on that virtue.
No, I’m not an architect. I’m not an apologist for them either.
But any honest person can see some (often very unassuming) examples of ordinary architects doing a very good job on fairly lean budgets & tight briefs.
They aren’t all rotters, no more than all engineers, doctors, solicitors, etc, etc are.

Just thought that an architect or two – if interested 🙂 and appropriately qualified:) – might bring something to the planning table, as they say.

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