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That doesn’t quite make sense, wearnicehats. More staff = problem solved. No need to take the sledgehammer to the nut. In any event, you may be sure that whatever new system might be employed, it too would be afflicted by staff shortages during times of growth. Aside from the issue of delay (and I do appreciate it can be excruciating for a development), I believe the An Bord Pleanála appeal mechanisim is one of the best aspects of our planning system.


Ah sure they’re trying their best – leave them alone they’ll be grand.

More staff? – plenty of them around now. I wonder if the two people I refer to above could get a job with ABP, get to be inspectors and pass the job that’s still in there after 27 weeks (30% longer than ABP’s pledge) and solve the delay which is the reason why they lost their jobs in the first place. Of course, that wouldn’t happen because inspectors’ report count for bugger all in the end up because the shower on the final board will do whatever they want anyway.

The system is a joke. My point is that you can spend a year in it and end up back where you started. Why not cut out the middle man and lodge pre-validated applications straight to ABP?

I see civil servants out on strike today – what a crock of shite – I lost my whole pension and got a 17% pay cut and I still come to work, work hard and make the deadlines that are put in front of me – because I have to otherwise the firm, and I, don’t get jack.

Can you imagine if Itold a client that I’d lodge an application on 1st September and then on 1st October said “nope, another 4 weeks”, then on 1st October “nearly there now”? I wouldn’t get past 10th September before “see ya later and I’ll tak emy fee back please”

There has to be a system in place to punish this shoddiness – 5 weeks late and 5 x the full fee repayment to the applicant, 6 weeks and 6 times etc. 7 weeks late and you get your feckin P45 like the rest of us.

Bollocks to the system – there is no system

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