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Well, I think all we can do is wait and see. I think you’re vastly underestimating the Green Party’s ability to fight their corner. I’m reserving judgement until they’ve been in a few months. However, I think the Green TDs and the likes of Dan Boyle who will be a senator, are seriously tough operators.

I would much rather have seen FG-Lab-Greens but, given that the electorate did give FF a rather large mandate, we’re stuck with them and I’d rather see them in with the Greens than just FF+PD or FF+the motley crew of independents.

It’s a democracy, and people keep voting for FF. Sadly, they are very reflective of the state of Irish society and always have been. You get exactly what you vote for really.

I think what’s going to be more key is getting more FG and Green councillors in at local authority level. That’s where FF has tended to do most damage, rather than at a national level.

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