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@Blisterman wrote:

….One house, which I really like is theThink Tank Boathouse in Cork.
I can’t find any pictures of it online, but It’s really nice.


Pictures can be seen on the architects website.
You’ll have to navigate as follows to find the info you want
Enter -> Projects -> Think Tank

This raises an interesting point from a web design point of view which applies to a lot of architects websites.
The Gumuchdjiansite is not linkable or indexable – as the site is built using Flash. Why on earth would you spend so much money on a web site and have it developed entirely in Flash?
One result is that I can’t link to the image of the boathouse from here – which would be like a free ad for the practice.
But the bigger impact is that searching for the award winning boathouse by name on google will not return the architect’s website in the top 100 results.
Even the very specific search “think tank boathouse gumuchdjian” doesn’t return any link to
It’s like opting out of all the benefits of the internet. Am I missing something? Why would you do this?

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