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@ac1976 wrote:

Hi Frank,
I am not a member of Inchicore On Track who issued that statement, so I can only speak for myslef.

The proposed station location in the Inchicore Works is at the very edge of Inchicore and is disconnected with the village and the community. It’s surrounded by a few streets of housing so its catchement area is minimal (which is actually where then Inchicore On Track group are representing).

In case you haven’t ever noticed Inchicore Village itself is not exactly over developed and in need of any counter-balance.

The porposed station would damage the village and the community around it.
The local community of Inchicore Bluebell and Kilmainham is already fragmented and this would make it worse on top of detracting investment and oppertunity from the village core.

There has been a lot of work done by DCC and studies commisioned from the Kilmainham Area Office of DCC to try and address the fragmentation and delapadation of the Village.

I am just concerned that the current proposal would be damaging to the local area and would hinder the development plans for it.

It’s also quite obvious that this is a second rate plan for the area and not to the same standard at the other new stations and does nothing to enhance the local area.

I dare say, if Ryanair were building the Interconnector perhaps this is the kind of location you would expect them to propose i.e. Inchicore Stop 1km outside of Inchicore Village, kinda like having the Heuston station stop in the Phoenix Park, lovely for sightseeing but not very practical for intercity travel.

There is also the anti-social issue you might expect to find at the proposed location due to it being disconnected with the village and long-lane access. This would not do much good for the image of Inchicore and would reinforce the second rate plan for a second rate area image.

Wasn’t the LUAS ran through James’ hospital coz the yokels didn’t want it going through Inchicore village as well , in hindsight, how blinkered was that? second rate indeed.

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