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@Yixian wrote:

RHK quite simply needs to be used for something else; a public library, a portrait gallery, I always thought a medical museum/gallery would be appropriate, perhaps with lots of various body bits in jars, strange old instruments and what not.

Then the period interiors could be restored.

And perhaps outdoor opera etc. in the garden during the summer? Well lit with good quality tents and a decent removable (or permanent?) stage? Would be beautiful.

It’s just about the single worst building in all of Ireland to house the irish modern art gallery.

Like Ciarán Cuffe suggested, IMMA should be in a renovated Guinness Brewery building.

City planning isn’t hard it just requires singular visions to trump committee thinking, RHK smacks of some DCC panel unable to decide on how to spend any money building a new structure and plumping with the old “massacre a landmark” option.

Would agree with a lot of that, lucid thinking. Incidentally UCD in Earlsfort tce has (had?) an amazing pathology museum not open to the public that is fascinatingly gruesome.

St. Ledge is correct- it was one of CJ’s pet projects to get ‘something’ in there. The idea of the houses of the Oireachtas moving there was mooted for ages.

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