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@GrahamH wrote:

It seems the plans got mixed up with a 1980s hotel intended for the ringroad around Coventry. .

Unfortunately Coventry like many English towns got it absolutely arseways in planning terms during the 1960’s by building ringroad style inner orbitals in Coventry’s case a mere 500m in places from the main st. Every planning student should be taken to Wolverhampton to display exactly how not to develop areas just off the retail core.

@GrahamH wrote:

It’s very pedestrian-friendly, only too much so – the vast plaza-like space here simply encourages pedestrians to wander willy nilly about the roadway.

Agreed a little more visual seperation may have been better; but take nothing away from the acheivement of turning this area from a criminaly central wasteland to a credible second tier retail location in a five year period.

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