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Yes, though by no means complete (the entire central section has yet to be started), the upgrade so far has been little more than a quick mall recladding job, with x amount of apartments tacked on the side.
The non-slip granite flooring in particular looks very cheap and mis-matched, and the Mary Street elevation is also disappointing. Saying that, the refurbished central area combined with much improved Moore and Henry? Malls could be the making of the place, with these two malls in particular being radically changed. Out on Cole’s Lane you can now see the ridiculous one-and-a-half storey height of Moore Mall:

(also this bizarre juxtaposition on Cole’s Lane!)

What is proposed for the Ilac is something not a million miles from what fergalr mentioned there, but more like the Jervis Centre; from The Sunday Business Post four months ago: “The height of the centre will rise by 3.2 metres and two bulkheads in the central part of the mall will be removed. The plan is to create the feel of a full-length street parallel to Henry Street with double height shops all along the passageway.”

The food-court nature of the Parnell Mall is certainly going to be a challenge…

Back on Henry Street, here’s a very rough idea of what Dunnes are building, composed with the cutting-edge CAD programme Paint.

Can’t say I’d agree Stephen about Henry Street being “monotonous with the endless unified 1917 terrace” – especially with the variety of fine stock directly across the road from it. The 1917 terrace also looks fantastic in the sun with its glowing orange brickwork and crisp limestone features:

If anything it’s the generally blocky, flat and lifeless UK high street shopfronts that need attention along here.

But yes, as a development I too look forward to the finished Dunnes product. It’s been a long time coming when you consider George’s Street, the revamped St. Stephen’s Green Centre ‘Foodhall’, and even flippin North Earl Street! And all the while the chain’s once-flagship store was festering away in the Ilac. It’s going to be the icing on the cake for a now-thriving retail area; All the more reason for the southside to pull its socks up fast.

Just to correct an earlier post, according to the SBP it’s the Moore Mall store that’s to be disposed of and subdivided – you’d wonder for the need of the other large store in that case…

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