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Not sure aj, but I’ve some pics to post of them soon.

Couldn’t wait till Christmas to find out what Dunnes Stores are doing with their Henry Street site and the demolished facades in what was the largest unified post-1916 terrace in the city, so I went to see the planning file. I imagine people here are interested in what they’re at also…

So what are they doing? Modern infill? Faithful reconstruction? Pastiche job?
Well, as you might have guessed, a mixture of all three really; most irritating on one hand, but a relief on the other. One thing in particular is very annoying however.

This is the site today – a total of three properties was demolished:

Here’s before with demolished facades outlined:

You can just about make them all out there – a pair of standard, two-bay red brick properties alongside a third focal building on the far left with limestone or maybe granite pilasters and pediment etc, all dating from c.1917, Henry St having been rebuilt exceptionally quickly after the Rising.

In the initial application it was proposed to only demolish the two left-hand buildings including the pedimented one, retaining the particularly distinguished right-hand fa

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