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in the south pole you can do 18 steps! if you want more here you get a dispensation for a performance based provision… you might have to pay a consultant! normally the regulation is vague (the short bit at the front) and the rest is should… All from the same old British regs but remixed. I’m so over trying to interpret standards and pay consultants everyone reads them differently… And nobody does any inspections in Ireland. The fire regulations are OTT normally sprinklers can make the impossible possible… not in Ireland where the water is free…

I guess its a bit like a train platform with more than a metre drop… you should have a handrail and balustrade or some steps so you don’t fall on the tracks while your waiting…

I admire the Irish reg’s for being so simple and un-bible like (forgot about part b)

why don’t you just go to the source and call them? and let us know

everyone so worried about not getting sued these days there is not much room for architecture…

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