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the point i was making, in response to your post, was that your comparison of a 20 riser stair at 165mm and a 16 riser stair at 220mm is moot because there are regulations which will dictate the rise measurement.

it is disingenuous to compare both of these because a 220mm rise should not exist in a public build… so the question should have been “would i prefer to to fall 16 steps in 165 or 20 steps in 165″… kinda speaks for itself really….

there are regulations… table 1 part k… max rise for a public stair 180mm … optimum 150mm
If you choose not to implement the suggested compliance method in the TGDs, you’d need to be able to argue strongly as to why you did not comply…

as to whether the should have not built it…. i would say that it shows a lack of design skills not to be able to design a park K compliant stairwell into the building….

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