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@henno wrote:

i dont know what you mean… :confused:

there are clear regulations as to the goings and risers based on the use of the building, you cant just pick and choose based on the number of steps….

I don’t think they are regulations…
I assume the main issue the the judge will look at is “the regulation”:

Stairways, ladders and ramps. K1 Stairways, ladders and ramps shall be such as to afford safe passage for the users of a building.

Protection from falling. K2 In a building, the sides of every floor and balcony and every part of a roof to which people normally have access shall be guarded to
protect users from the risk of falling therefrom.

Vehicle ramps, floors and roofs. K3 In a building, the sides of every vehicle ramp and every floor and roof to which vehicles have access shall be guarded against the risk
of vehicles falling therefrom.

Application of this Part. K4 The requirements of this Part apply to stairways, ladders and
ramps which form part of the structure of a building.


The Guidance
The materials, methods of construction, standards and
other specifications (including technical specifications)
which are referred to in this document are those which
are likely to be suitable for the purposes of the
Regulations. Where works are carried out in accordance
with the guidance in this document, this will, prima facie,
indicate compliance with Part K of the Second Schedule to
the Building Regulations. However, the adoption of an
approach other than that outlined in the guidance is not
precluded provided that the relevant requirements of the
Regulations are complied with. Those involved in the
design and construction of a building may be required by
the relevant building control authority to provide such
evidence as is necessary to establish that the requirements
of the Building Regulations are being complied with.

I would always follow the guidance where possible…

I mean just think of all those tube trains with disabled fire exits
how many people die from alcohol a year? car crashes? You can do all you want to comply with part B only for someone to disconnect a smoke alarm…
or fire bomb a house or make an insurance claim. Next thing they will recommend you wear a jet pack before you enter a building… and have skylights that you can launch out of
flying fox’s with wheel chair harness’s and escape slides…

reading this

People with disabilities have a right, recognized in international law after 3rd May 2008, to equal opportunity and non-discrimination in matters of building fire safety, protection and evacuation. A minimum response to Article 11 (Situations of Risk) in the 2006 United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is required, therefore, from fire regulators and code writers. Such a response is absent in British Standard BS 9999:2008.

we may as well have world war three and start fresh.
if your really worried about fire go and live in NORAD

There are also disabled architectural styles that have a right to be recognized…;)

henno you saying they should not of built this or let millions of people use it each year?
There is another one in D8

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