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@Satrastar wrote:

Does anybody know what plans are in store for these houses in Clontarf?

Other houses previously on the Howth Road that have now been demolished include Glenvar (replaced by Castle Court housing estate), Ashbrook (replaced by housing estate of the same name), Wood Ville and Green Mount. Does anybody have photographs of any of these? Or of Kingscourt House, Danesfort, Tivoli House or Kinkora?

Tragic fires around Christmas time and Bank Holidays? Who knows. The intention is obviously to maximise the site value. Owners will probably try and sit on the sites if they can until the market picks up. By that time the buildings will be derelict – easier to justify demolishing. If the owners cant keep them then NAMA or banks will step in and find another owner who can. C’est le jeux de property, mon ami!

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