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Thank you all so very much for your input. We are going to be building here in Kansas. I wish that it was on the coast of Ireland but for now at least it is not to be. We raise and breed dogs so we are really in need of our own home with enough land to let the dogs run.
Contrary to popular belief not all of Kansas is flat. We are just off center towards the east and it is very hilly with lots of trees and vegetation. We also have lots of cows, pigs, lamas, sheep, and horses. There is even a farm that has camels!
My father has been to Ireland and he had two books that I did not know about. They are Plan-A-Home by Roadstone Architectural Products and Bungalow Bliss by Jack Fitzsimons. So I have been looking at them. They are mostly modern. I will check out the book that was sugested with much anticipation.
I am very interested in the simple design and the stone work. We have a lot of limestone that could actually be picked up on the side of the highways. I was wondering what kind of stone is used in Ireland. Im sure that the cost of shipping the stone from Ireland would be crazy but maybe we have some of the same kind or something similar.
Again, thank you for your help. Sam

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