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Aah the aul perenial lump of tarmac and crappy grouting. Still things are getting better. Juts lokk at OConnell St with its fine new paving. It will be spanking in a couple more months. And isnt there a new maintaintenance regime inn place to help it stay like that. Well look a little closer…. the section from Abbey St to the Bridge. On the east the chaps are busily beavering away to complete the paving works while on the west side the paving has been in place since early this year. However the observant among you might notice the lovely patch at the junction with Abbey St ripped up for utility works of some sort and carefully replaced with… tarmac! And the roadway. The tarmac here was relaid a little better but they forgot one thing. The line of small cobbles that seperate the paving from the roadway all along the street. Sure they were only a gimick anyway.

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