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well ctesiphon thanks for replying and making use of a DISCUSSION FORUM.;)

I still think the future is for Ireland to follow the Paris model and designate a certain part of the city inside the M-50 as a high rise area. Nothing is cheap but high rises would be well worth the money.

I do agree with your analysis of what the rest of dublin should be like – medium dentisity. Semi detached housing should be outlawed in the dublin region.

The population of Dublin is going to go past the 2 million mark. I know its a bad example because someone may be a troll here but just look at Australia. It has high rise cities and is a modern country.

We can be practical till the cows come home but at the end of the day a lot of it is to do with image and how you want to protray your country and the mentality of irish people as well. A modern city with high rises would be very impressive for the ordinary joe in Dublin and the foreigner visiting.

Plus we need a major counter balance for Dublin (especaillly when it reaches 2 million) and maybe it should be given more freedom than the shackles that are on Dublin.

PS im not a architec

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