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With the combined moral outrage of AT, IGS and FOK it would appear that this project is doomed. It really is very frustrating. At the moment architects approached for schemes anywhere outside of the docklands are left with a hit and hope approach. There is no way to advise a client as, even if the Planners are in favour in principle (and approve it, as happened here) ABP will be ganged up on and inevitably overturn the decision. A cynic (which I very much am) might think that the Planners pass a scheme in order to let ABP do their dirty work for them. Dublin needs landmark buildings to break the general monotony of its skyline, but no-one bloody well knows where they can site them!.

I’m not championing Mr. Keogh ( who obviously has a Squires and Partners book in his library). The site may very well be of high historic significance. The point is that, if it is so damn special, why has Keogh’s time and money been allowed to be wasted for so long? Give me guidelines or give me death

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