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While I’m generally against these lonely “landmark” tall buildings out on their own, this one doesn’t really get my blood boiling. This is one of the few approaches to Dublin with any semblence of a feeling of crossing a boundary into the city, so, as Kefu says, emphasising this boundary with a tall building mightn’t be an altogether bad thing.

It’s hard to judge the design from the images here but from what I can see, it doesn’t really excite me.

In terms of dominating the hospital and even Heuston station, it’s strange but the complete contrast in terms of height will, I feel, work to lessen this. They aren’t “competing” at all, so one doesn’t really “dominate” the other. The hospital and Heuston offer a complete contrast in that they are very horizontal structures while the tower is very vertical.

My one worry, shared with other posters, is that it will set a precedent for randomly scattering tall buildings around Dublin.

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