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the “problem” with Toronto is that it has limited control over development sometimes because it gets appealed to OMB (a developer friendly An Bord Pleanala). Also, the city now known as Toronto was six different cities until recent unification and its powers are circumscribed pretty heavily. A lot of pretty dreadful mistakes were made such as the Gardiner Expressway as you mention – however, the *current* city plan does take account of this stuff, and most of the recent high rise development has been along the various subway and streetcar lines, especially in North York.

As for sprawl – the cities/regions outside Toronto (especially Mississauga) wouldn’t know transit if it bit them in the ass.

If you want a really good example of a Canadian city with heavy control over development and forcing developers to build what’s good for the city as well as the bottom line, I give you Vancouver 😀

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