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The article in the Indo said

“the high quality of the design involved was a factor in the decision”.

Is this a precedent? I normally see submissions made on design dismissed as irrelevant/subjective and that submissions need to be based on planning regulations rather than any aesthetic consideration.

In any case what makes this a high quality design? The pictures I’ve seen are of a very ordinary looking design. Dated rather than timeless. Nothing I see in it suggests that the height was an intrinsic element fo design. Looks almost like it was an adjustable plan and you could add of subtract 20 stories at a time without needing too much work!
Has anyone read the full report – did anBP elaborate on the role design played on the decision?

Interesting too that the height of the spire has been greatly superceded. I had been worried that the spire would form an artificial planning ceiling on dublin.

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