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I’m sorry but this project completely washes over me. I’ve read the reports and the applications thoroughly – I keep hearing about the magnificent architecture but I just can’t see it.

Landmark entrances are one thing, but I fear that this will signal encouragement of ‘scattered highrise’ culture in Dublin – already the projects proposed or under development at Cherrywood, Sandyford and Ballymun seem to demonstrate this. It is generally recognised that the resultant of such culture has negatively affected the skylines of such city’s as London and Paris etc. I would like to see a more centralised development of highrise in Irish cities. It offers continuity and substance. Paul Keogh’s Tall Building really isn’t my idea of magnificent architecture – and although I’m all for high-rise in the right location, I don’t think this project fits the bill. I actually feel myself getting sleepy looking at it.

It is, dare I say it, even a little ugly and I fear that Dublin will be looking at the building in another 30 years and sigh – before Treasury come along and propose a new revitalisation plan for the area, while former residents stand around the tower and cheer as its demolished. Hmmm – wait, didn’t that happen already???

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