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@ac1976 wrote:

looks like the develepor (LALCO) paid DCC EUR232,427 towards this, how much was it gonna cost? and were they actually ever going to build it?

DCC will probably argue that the money was spent on upgrading the pavement, planting some trees and possibly the installation of the wobbly cut-out silhouette figure ‘Art’ on the north side of Inchicore Road. Lalco’s responsibility would have ended at the property boundary and the full pavement has been done, to a pretty high standard.

How it could have cost €232,427 is another matter.

On the lassy with the dog, she’s well known around here! I see her every day, if she’s not walking that dog in her high heels, she’s in her pyjamas, smoking a fag, pushing a buggy 🙂

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