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I’ve attached (I hope) a pic of the Meadows as mentioned by gunter. It’s a fabulous space (even if it is in Embra) and it is really a town ‘common’. You could do this with the RHK grounds (though you won’t have Arthur’s Seat – an old volcano – in the background), but critically there needs to be enclosure, so you may have to build on part of the grounds to achieve it.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Sorry for making you go to Embra! The meadows, looking the other way, towards Bruntsfield and the Golf Tavern, would be even better.

I agree, the right amount of enclosure is the key.

Hey johnglas, now that you’re with the pixels, any chance we might persuade you to go up the road to Cumbernauld and take a few shots of the future, 60s style, I can’t find any of mine from a few years ago. I was shocked to find that some of it had been knocked down, surely Cumbernauld is a List 1 structure?

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