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No I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. But it has a lot to do with Dublin’s chronic motor car culture. Until the traffic lessens these areas will never be connected.

Here is an example of unconnectedness:
The planners would talk for years about getting the city’s cultural institutions “linked up”. RHK / IMMA was always a bastard to get to; just that bit far from the centre for a pleasant walk. Since 2004, it has been served by Luas, but you wouldn’t know it …
Provided you know what the stop is, you get off at St. James’s Hospital (no announcement for IMMA, and no signpost towards it at the stop). IMMA is a short, pleasant, partially traffic-free walk westwards along James’s Street, down the concrete steps and uphill into the place. But, provided you know which direction to go along James’s Street when you get off Luas, there is NO SIGN at the top of the steps directing you down towards IMMA, and no sign telling you which way to go at the bottom. If you were to just follow the map, you would end up doing a much longer walk back along James’s Street towards town, then down Kilmainham Lane. And the concrete steps are grotty. They should be improved as a civic route. Why can’t we get these basics sorted out?

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