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@gunter wrote:

You have to begin by unpacking the discourse, how can you hope to get to grips with the city’s interstitial voids if your discourse is still packed.

Come on, this is liminal, not subliminal . . . get with the program.

If the city is a living breathing super-organism, then we can kill it.

Wise old Gunter, I think you should look beyond the interstitial jargon and give credit where credit is due. If I were a recent graduate, or an experienced out of work built environment professional, I would jump at this opportunity – a free 5 day workshop with a detailed programme, all materials provided, support from a multi-disciplinary academic team, and best of all, a chance to engage with and learn from people with different backgrounds. Where would you get it?

I would agree that the trendy academic jargon is totally off-putting (maybe they thought it was necessary to attract a younger crowd). However, cross-disciplinary relationships between planners and architects will bear fruit at events like these – Relationships that are all too rare in Dublin, given the way the education system and public administration is currently set up.

My 2 cent.

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