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It looks really good. It looks like it is integrated within the area almost seamless but is also noticeably different. However as this is the plan NOW how will it fare out in time? What is the timeframe for all the building? I am also wondering if high rise is a good thing as in time you will probably run out of space and will that cause the same messy situation DIT is now with various bits all over the city because Grangegorma is full in the future?

I can understand the idea of DIT and Trinity merging. It would allow a lot of synergies in the future and give the new amalgamated university more clout when it comes to R+D. When you have both institutions building similar facilities and competing for similar R+D contracts it would make sense. It would not stifle competition as Dublin alone would have DCU and UCD to compete against. An amalgamation would also allow finer planning in the Grangegorman masterplan.

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