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It depends on the variety of granite, gunter. O’Connell Street’s (if even Chinese) is a particularly warm and textured version. The white finely grained type however stains very easily and looks very bland and washed out. City Hall plaza a prime example. Also a minor detail being its importation from the other side of the world, and from potentially dubious sources.

spoil sport why do you always have to be such a spoil sport. Tsk. I’m not saying an historical style as an idiom is contextual and well-informed etc, I’m referring specifically to the above design, which in contrast to all the other repro rubbish around the city is actually accurate, of good design and informed by precedent.

I don’t dispute a modern style would work well on Grafton Street, nor anywhere else for that matter. I’m saying it would be a personal preference for this particular street, be apt in its low-scale pedestrian context, and would continue the established style of the thoroughfare in a more informed and aesthetically pleasing fashion than what we currently have. You’re jumping to conclusions.

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