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Yes the bollards are an obstruction on such a busy street and unduly cluttering. A particular nightmare at Christmas (though then a street to be avoided at all costs in any event).

The perfect example of what we should have on Grafton Street is pictured below, currently hidden away on Kildare Place. A curiously grand installtion on the part of DCC.

These beautiful lamps are sited atop typical Grafton Street posts of c. 1900. Also minus the ridiculous extension poles of Grafton Street, they are perfectly proportioned, and would look extremely gracious as proud upstanding specimens standing isolated on crisp new paving with no flower bakets hanging out of them. Iconic is not the word.

The lamps are also ‘native’ to Dublin, being reproductions of the O’Connell Bridge and Grattan Bridge lamps of the 1870s and 1880s. Accurate, well-informed, contextual and thoroughly appropriate.

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