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The rumble strip looks ridiculous. I cant imagine any sight impaired person relying on this. Its so slight and it would be impossible on such a busy street for anyone to follow it to the extent that it becomes useful and meaningful.

I very much like the small pink setts that form the border to each shop.

how on earth the very worst aspects of Hartecast’s early years – bullet-proofed, blandly-wipeable, easy-watching, cartoonly-proportioned aesthetics – can be even trialed, never mind apparently be commissioned, for Grafton Street, not only beggars belief, but raises very grave concerns about the collective competences of the agency delivering this project.

This is the same architect and project manager of the O’Connell Street scheme. Lovely paving and well conceived layout to be sure but the street furniture in particular is shite (lets be frank) and is already looking dated and dull, not to say in need of a painting. It too came from the catalogue of identikit street furniture. The tree planting in the median was poorly conceived and quite a number of trees have been lost and not replaced. 10 years later we are still waiting for someone to do something with the Luas substation in the middle of the median. The original design had the cycle lane running beside the median, a ludicrous idea that was soon redesigned. And of course its all to be dug up again…thanks to Luas CrossShitty.

So one wonders now what the lighting will be like.

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