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The street ‘benefits’ from a section of pavement that just about caters for the hoards using it each day and that has stubbornly defined any efforts to widen and declutter it. The area is generally packed full of casual street sellers, chalk artists and leprechauns all looking for a slice of the action. There also the perma-parking provided by the taxi rank here. No one has yet thought to critically consider things like signage, bollards, the ugly cheap street lights c 1975, the rake of redundant phone boxes now used mainly for MacxDonalds advertising and the creep creep of a-frames and sandwich boards along the street.

There seems to be very little aspiration about the street…the presentation of frontages lack little imagination and even the big guns on the street offer stores they wouldnt dare on the main street of other capital cities (compare Compulab and its Apple product with the temple to white that Apple operates from on Regent’s Street in London).

Thankfully the Book Value store closed earlier in the year and a smart refurbishment of the property it occupied 110 has just been unveiled.

There is no occupier at present. Anyone know who might be interested. Carrolls maybe….or Ladbrooks?

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