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It is proposed that the street furniture be well-designed and elegant, and both
reflect and express the unique character of Grafton Street.

So take out the Dublin lampstands and replace with catalogue stuff then.

The end design is mediocrity exemplified: I am wondering what the last 2 years were spent doing?

Very good analysis Graham… a lot of very pertinent questions raised that to my eyes dont seem to have occurred to the design team. Or is it just one person in isolation…never heard about the Historic Street Surfaces Workshop…”complaints about the increasing clutter of city streets?”…never heard those…..Grafton Street? where’s that? The lack of promotion of this project is also puzzling…just like the Palace Street job.

Perhaps I am being unduly cynical. Perhaps the local authority that has failed to give any coherence to the Henry Street retail area in terms of urban realm will work wonders over in the new Grafton Street Quarter. Perhaps the team that started to install new public lighting and reduce clutter in College Green (continually noted as the city’s pre-eminent civic space) and then got bored (last works undertaken in Nov) will do right by Grafton Street. Perhaps the various silos of responsibility that are currently making a balls up of tiny but important Palace Street as the main entrance onto the State’s most important ceremonial complex will get it together before they splash out all that scarce dosh on chinese granite and shiny bins and bollards. As the song goes: perhaps perhaps perhaps.

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