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Well gee whizz..I just couldnt contain myself and ventured into the Civic Offices to see what is planned for myself.

So what do we get…after a 2 year design project, after the Designing Dublin initaive to redefine the area as a Grafton Street Quarter full of interesting new uses and ideas…

What’s on offer is a bog standard public realm scheme. The proposed layout more or less mirrors what exists now. A central carriageway flanked by two smaller pavement areas deliniated by line of bollards, lampstandards and bins. The proposal is NOT to allow for greater car use on Grafton Street. As I thought, the confusion created in earlier posts is a result of the architects description of the scheme.

Materials-wise the paving will mirror that used on Henry Street and O’Connell Street…leaning more to Henry Street. The majority is a mid-grey granite. The wayfinding path along one side of the street (which looks a big crappy in the plan layout) comprises the small tactile cobbles also found on Henry Street (the forecourts to most shops) and is intended to guide sight impaired people along the street. The various junctions along the street are denoted by square expanses of pink granite (again similar to that on Henry Street),

Bollards, lighting etc is positioned to ensure that heavy vehicles dont damage the pavement over cellars (its the same arrangement as now). The materials here are contemporary and while the design brief speaks of ‘reflecting the unique design qualities of Grafton Street’ (Im paraphrasing ), the street furniture is catelogue stuff similar to what you find on O’connell Street

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