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Yes Paul, a question that’s often pondered about. It’s an interesting amalgam of what appears to be an Edwardian shopfront layered over with pretty convincing 1980s elements – though I’m sure others will have a clearer recollection of when the more recent layers were added. The shimmering imitation vitrolite is not without its charms – I imagine it was installed at the same time. The rather floating nature of the pilasters strongly suggests there may be original fabric behind. I’ve picked and poked at the sides to no avail, but there does seem to be something lurking in there.

What is particularly unique about this building is how the ground floor actually protrudes right out into the street, taking advantage of the kink in the building line. It’s a delightful feature, reminicent of Georgian and Victorian retailing modifications to older townhouses – of which there are now so few examples left in the city.

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