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Ironically Pia Bang is now more accessible on South Anne Street (or is it Duke Street?) than on bustling Grafton Street. It’s also more visible in this wider, less congested location, while still easily seen from Grafton Street. So virtually all the benefits of the principal thoroughfare – indeed it feeds off it like a leech – but rent slashed by a substantial percentage. Akin to wealthy familes moving to the suburbs in the 19th century – makes perfect financial sense.

jimg wrote:
I’d prefer the existing scheme be retained]

Could not agree more. Grafton Street is almost defined by its warmth – this must be sustained with a new scheme. I made up a submission on this very point for the ACA and SPCA consultations but didn’t get it in in time 🙁
We have enough white granite in the city – at least do something different this time round. Without question the paving does need to be renewed though, as seen in some pics here. Also the notorious garish winter light that pierces the street from the south could make things even more uncomfortable with bright granite paving lining the thoroughfare. And though historicist, the lampposts have an undoubted charm and ought to be retained, especially as many are original (though not to the street).

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