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That’s it. A second search for on the DCC site led me to the application- 3077/06 for the curious.

I’m surprised I didn’t hear more about this before now, though it seems to have gone through planning without a peep- no observations or objections, no comment from the DCC Conservation Officer, no appeal (obvs.).

While it mightn’t have much of an impact on the immediate vicinity, it’s very visible from further afield- St Stephen’s Green particularly. Too visible, imo- sticks up in the background of Fusilier’s Arch and the Bus Stop newsagent at the bottom of Grafton Street (a divisive building, but I’m firmly in the camp of the fans- a little TLC would do wonders for it, just some cosmetic improvements).

I don’t remember the old flytower, but maybe that’s because it was considerably lower? The planning documentation does say that the new tower had to be a minimum of 22 metres above the stage, though- something to do with smoke clearance? (The DCC page won’t load again.) So perhaps this was necessary and/or unavoidable?

Any old pics of the flytower? I had a look here, but found none.

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