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BTW how long does it take you to travel that journey during peak times?

I dread to think…. which is why I will not drive M50 during peak times! When working from Dublin I decline meetings that will put me on M50 at the “wrong” time. I can get away with doing that for about 95% of the time. Going to the West I leave v.early and stop somewhere for breakfast. Going to airport for a red-eye I drive via Eastlink, not M50 as it is too busy even at that hour. Driving to the Kingdom I leave at lunchtime (to avoid the evening traffic jam at Adare, etc.)
Years ago it cost me 250 quid to go to London and I could get to Dublin airport and board a plane in just over an hour; today I can get to London for 2 quid + taxes BUT I must allow 3+ hrs to get to airport and check in. Makes one wonder!
Similarly, years ago it took me about 5 hours by car to S. Kerry, knew all the short-cuts through Naas, around Kildare, etc. when the traffioc built up. Even with all the new motorways it still takes me 5 hours on a good day, or 8 hours on a bad one.

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