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Sounds like very interesting stuff, where can one read the details of this 1654-56 Civil Survey? Even more interesting is survey that you plotted onto a map. On the Dutch Billy Thread we posted a nice amount of material from the Englishtown / Irishtown and hence always on the outlook for maps that would give us a better idea of the streetscape back then.

Are you familiar with the bird’s eye view map of Limerick (1691) that was printed probably in poster format for the 300 Year Treaty Commemoration (1691-1991)?

Alas the detail in the Limerick Museum image below is somewhat blurred, are you aware as to where one can see a better copy of it?

300 Year Treaty Commemoration (1691-1991)

There is a map, birds eye view of Limerick 1691 from south by Richard Ahern, 1991, sponsored by Treaty 300 and Powers Whiskey. Based on the 1591 map in the Hardiman Collection, TCD.

The buildings in the city numbered 1-101 with key to Englishtown (1-69) to right and Irishtown (70-101) to left.

Parishes lettered A-E

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