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@Cute Panda wrote:

Sadly Pearse is not fully utilised. Apart from the fact that it has the potential to operate more trains by upgrading its unused bays, there is scope for an imaginative overhaul. The area next to the main platform I always thought would make a wonderful cafe.

I am not saying it is not without its functional problems. I suppose I just responed to the question asked and did not think about its problems. But now that you mention it, I suppose one of the major problems it has is the bottleneck experience of people coming off the train and down the stairs when approaching from either direction. Putting exits where the fire doors are could potentially releave this slightly, but there are probably safety reasons for them being fire doors.

the unused bays seem to often be used to store broken trains of some form. Particularly the one behind the north platform. The other one is sometimes used for Darts.

There used to be a cafe shop behind the southbound platform. It was there a few months ago when I was last in the station during its business hours.

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