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@PDLL wrote:

It is a well established pattern that exists in virtually every country I know of.

The typical dwellings of the poor to middle classes, like those of the aristocracy, often become tourist attractions insofar as they represent in a physical form the socio-cultural aspirations and characteristics of a people at a certain moment in history. Lets face it, why are such things as the little artisan cottages in Bruges

Hmmmm a Medieval City

@PDLL wrote:

the little peasant houses in many a mediterranean village,

Hmmmm inside a development boundary

@PDLL wrote:

the chalets in the Alps.

Built out of necessity to have in poor travelling conditions residential access to winter cattle indoors and accross a very small number of the lower reaches of valleys] None of these were built as tourist attractions – they were functional family dwellings. [/QUOTE]

Precisely built as family dwellings close to all necessary amenities

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