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@Thomond Park wrote:

However the real issues is not phone rates but instalation and repair costs on ‘the last mile of cable’ from the road to the house and it is not just telacoms but also electricitiy.

By this logic, people living in Dublin city centre should be rightly pissed off with Maynooth people for living so far out (all that extra cabling, all of that extra commuting, all of that unnecessary road infrasture, all of that unnecessary pollution, all of that unnecessary travel for service vehicles from the city centre etc etc). Why do we not here this as such a big issue???? Is it because they are not ‘down’ the country or because living in semi-ds near Dublin is acceptable even though, according to the anti-one off logic, semi-ds are also destructive as we should be living in settlements that are based solely on the calculus of minimalism (minimal amounts of cabling, minimal amounts of commuting etc). Or dare I say it, maybe its ok because they give Dublin that sense of ‘the urban’ which it so desperately seems to need and anything that bolsters Dublin’s sprawling metropolitan urban persona is not a problem or a blight on the landscape.

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