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Huh? Most calls are lo-call regardless of origin, certainly state services like the taxman and social welfare are lo-call (with a Dublin number provided if the office is in Dublin or whatever).

It is only recently that the numbers were free for government offices, or cost the local call. Most calls for people in rural Ireland are not local as they would have family dispersed all over the place, and the nearest place of business may not be in the local area code- even a call to a mere 10 miles away could easily be outside the local zone. While the 01 area is intact, the other area codes ( 02, 05 etc) are divided up. And if you live in the 0504 area you live with seven people and a sheep, and most of your calls are non-local. People who live in area codes with a few thousand people pay more, it stands to reason, than someone who lives in an area code with 1.25 million people. There is no subsidy.

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