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@asdasd wrote:

if they used a mobile would it be ok? Rural people pay more for traditional phones as there is less people in their local zone compared to urban areas and they have to call urban areas for most offical calls: long distance to them, local to Dubliners.

Huh? Most calls are lo-call regardless of origin, certainly state services like the taxman and social welfare are lo-call (with a Dublin number provided if the office is in Dublin or whatever).

Moving on, people in the West can in some cases be terribly blind to anything that is built. Shannon Airport and the Shannon Free Zone, Shannon town itself is Ireland’s only ‘new town’ in the UK style. The Limerick Southern Ring, the N18 Newmarket on Fergus Bypass, the Ennis Bypass currently under construction. There’s heaps of money spent on the west, way more per person than in Dublin city, and the Dublin city infrastructure happens to serve the nation as well as us Dubs! If you take a train to Dublin, are you not availing of the investment in Heuston Station etc.? Some people need to wake up. There was a proposal to build an Eastern Bypass of Dublin. Even though I’m a dub, I’d rather they spent the money on buses or light rail in Cork. Sometimes investment in anything isn’t a good thing.

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