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I presume you are referring to me what are the six profiles you are talking about?

Reading your more recent posts it is patently obvious that you are making no effort whatsoever to engage with anyone here but purely argue blindly with little statistical backup and plenty of generalisation. You have repeatidly ignored those who have stated that this is not a Dublin vs the ‘real Ireland’ with Dublin soaking up all the resources which it doesn’t by a long way.

The only solution to this Countries economic and planning future is to build up places such as Galway, Cork, Waterford, Limerick and Sligo. For you to attempt to argue that one off housing is more efficient or cost effective is simply not realistic, one off housing suits otwo groups of people alone firstly those securing planning permissions and then selling sites off to blow ins usually from the cities you decry as junky infested hell holes and secondly families who have a son or daughter who want a free or subsidised site.

It is that simple one group wants cheap property or the ability to make money and a lot of people are seriously concerned about what this is doing economically, environmentally and to the general landscape situation.

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