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It’s never been updated, rob mc, nor is it likely to be for while. It was shot as you say about two years ago. I was thinking recently what an invaluable historical tool this could be in the future – just imagine being able to float over Rocque’s city of 1756!

Interesting concept jimg of actually building over streets. By the law of averages alone, given we already accept that buildings can be replaced in favour of streets, surely some streets can be replaced by buildings? Especially those thoroughfares that currently act as little other than conduits for vehicular traffic, and where the resulting arrangement would result in civic improvement.

Inevitably one must incur the wrath of the traffic engineer, but assuming they can be packaged to one side, the idea does have merit. Sadly, I doubt Amiens Square would ever be viable given it affects one of the greatest concentrations of competing transport modes in the city (though as a civic introduction to the capital it is highly desirable). Pearse Circus has greater potential as a civic space, though I’d argue largely as it currently stands, aside from an obviously welcome Hawkins enclosing intervention. It would be a shame to have the austere elevation of the Trinity accommodation block concealed though, as this in itself would provide a robust boundary. The leafy expanses along College Street lend charm to the area and would also be a shame to build upon. I’m trying to think of other examples now!

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