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VCA, since your allegation, however well-founded you may consider it to be, has the potential to be seen as defamatory by other, can I respectfully advise you to be careful about posting any detailed information here sufficient to identify the actors or the land.
OTOH, you might have attracted more attention if you had posted a new threadfor this but here goes – my off the cuff recollection is that an applicant must have sufficient legal interest in the land to make an application.
This in part arose from past practices of people making outline planning applications on multiple sites for filling stations and suchlike – where they did not own the land.

Sufficient legal interest may need more definition than I can give it at the moment, but if the owner consents to the making of an application this may suffice.
As the council may already be a beneficiary of this person’s development in the form oif levies and may also hold a bond on him to finish the development, they may be found to have a vested interest in this.
Equally, for all you know, there may have been a tacit agreement – never formalised perhaps – between the counsil and the developer to allow him to use this land in this manner from the very outset of negotiations.
It highlights the dichotomy faced by planning officers who may wish to refuse an application but then the realities of the situation are explained to them and they may decide to go softer than otherwise might be expected.


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