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@zelemon wrote:

The issues are substantial, the applicant has said he owns 5ac when in fact he owns about 20ac. He has also left key contextual info off plans!

in YOUR opinion that is substantial. Its the planners opinion that is paramount here. In my own opinion that is not a substantial issue. As has been clarified, its actually to the detriment of the applicant to under-size his/her landholding. It has already been clarified here as well, that the LA will not get intimately involved in land ownership discussions.
I would assume the minimum site size for a rural site in your county is either 1/2 or 3/4 acre. So showing a 5 acre landholding is more than sufficient!!!!

Regarding information left off plans, the planning regulations are very very prescriptive as to what information MUST be included as part of a planning application. If this application has been validated by the LA then they have deemed that the information submitted DOES comply with the requirements of the planning regulations.

If you have an issue with this application you need to start looking at it from a factual basis rather than an opinionated one. Deal with the issues specifically in regard to the local or county development plan, regional guidelines or national guidelines. Look at issues such as zoning, traffic, effluent disposal, design and housing need. If there are real issues here, then they carry much more weight than the arguments your trying to make here.

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