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Great little thread about a great little street, a street which I must admit I have never even walked down and I’m born and bred in Dublin! I always assumed it was private, somehow belonging to the BoI. That ex AIB is a wonderful building, just crying out to be used. This little gem of a street should not be connected to TB. The fact it’s a cul de sac is part of its charm.

The Wesrmoreland St/College Green redevelopment will be very interesting. I really hope Luas line A is chosen and private motor vehicles are excorcised from this axis, along with O’Connell St/Bridge. The whole area would make a magnificent pedestrian plaza with Foster Place being a little shaded haen in the summer and a cosy enclosed space in winter, imagine those trees outside the ex AIB building as a bar/restaurant all decorated in twinkly xmas lights, lovely.

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