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I think that Trinity College now own th former AIB Building mentioned above. In fact tey have taken over a couple of properties on this street (for the School of Nursing if Im not mistaken).
The Howley Harrington Plan for Temple Bar did metion Foster Place and argued for an Arcade link through to Fleet Street from College Green though this might have been from the Westmoreland Street entrance. As you might be aware the actually Parliament Building is in fact a large screen hiding a collection of buildings behind it so a bit of configuration might allow greater movemnet through without necessarily compromising the BoI.

As for a new use for Foster Place. Definately. Its criminally underused and is of poor value at the moment if nobody ever sees it. I would disagree with it being seen as quiet oasis in the city. I’d say few people go down there…even for a bit of peace. A qiuet oasis should be an escape from traffic…of wheich there is plenty on College Green. A framework plan for area is urgently needed to unlock its potential. You can already see the pressure that Habitat is having on the pavement outside as more people fight for a limited space. And plans are afoot to open a second store in the EBS premises beside Habitat.

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