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@garethace wrote:

I will get them don’t worry,

Or anyone else feel free to post up a pic or two.

But It just struck me this evening how obvious the point is – right in college green, where you just can’t ignore it. We need to pull up our socks,… big time.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

Not really that obvious IMO. That’s the beauty of Fosters. You could walk right past it without blinking an eye.

So it this area controlled by the council or BOI? The rape by the tacsaí’s would suggest that it’s a council plot.

Who resides in this building here?

Ideally, this building would be a restaurant/bar, providing outdoorsy seating. Starbucks is on the corner and would probably want to keep all their seating close to their own premises.

Wouldn’t that balcony there be a lovely place to have a meal? Of course, you’d have to clamber out them windows first!

ps. If anyone’s been down Fosters on a Saturday night, you will see that the place is no more than a public toilet and spliff smoking area. Perhaps it should be closed of at night to prevent this sort of ASB.

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