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You have my sympathy this sounds like it may have been a right stitch up.

I agree with a lot of the posters that the solution may be more physical intervention i.e. getting fire regulation compliance sorted rather than worrying about retrospective planning consent which if the envelope of the building is unaltered the planners could be in a position to take a view in the context of all the circumstances; particularly in respect of your role prior to handover.

The only issue I wish to add is to be very careful before taking action; get an experian credit report on the parties involved; the final straw would be to have to pay to resolve fire regs issues and a corrective planning application and then win a court case only to find that the entity you enforce against has protection of the insolvency acts to avoid paying your costs.

On the positive getting a chippie to do a nixer to install fire doors etc at the right price may prove a lot easier. 😮

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